The temperature in the humidor

La temperatura en el humidor, otro elemento importante

Let’s explain the details of the humidor temperature

In cigar preservation, the key is humidity . Temperature isn’t as crucial as commonly thought. In fact, premium cigar tobacco originates from tropical countries where temperatures are warm and humidity is high. Therefore, the temperature in the humidor should range between 16 and 22 degrees Celsius, which are typical levels in any household. However, maintaining around 70% humidity can be more challenging in all homes, especially depending on the location.

For all these reasons, humidors should indeed have a good humidification system, but it’s not necessary for them to have cooling systems, not even in summer. Furthermore, the cedar wood inside humidors, which is most suitable for maintaining appropriate humidity levels, hinders cooling efforts. In fact, humidors equipped with cooling systems are often designed as adaptations of wine coolers, which are primarily constructed with plastic; they are more akin to a fridge than a wooden humidor.


La temperatura en el humidor, otro elemento importante

It’s also important to consider that there is a direct relationship between humidity and temperature. Higher temperature results in lower humidity, and vice versa; lower temperature leads to higher humidity. This is because cold air reduces humidity, while warmth increases it. Therefore, it’s necessary to monitor the temperature simply to determine if the humidor’s humidification system (sponge tray or electronic device) requires more or less water.

One shouldn’t obsess over the temperature of humidors, as it can cause difficulties in maintaining the correct humidity. As mentioned earlier, humidity is critical, with 70% being the ideal level at 20°C, while temperature is more flexible. Nonetheless, it’s highly recommended to occasionally air out cigar humidors. That is, ventilate them periodically to allow clean air to enter.

Only if the temperature is very low, for instance, less than 12 degrees Celsius (which is very unlikely with household heating systems), can the cigar wrapper be damaged when lit. And if the temperature inside the humidor rises excessively, tobacco beetles may emerge. However, nowadays, with advancements in production processes, most cigar manufacturers freeze cigars to kill tobacco beetle eggs. Consequently, high temperature is not as critical at this point as humidity is.

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