FAQ Wacota humidors

At Wacota Humidors, we want to solve all of your doubts. Please read the following responses thoroughly to make sure that your questions are resolved.

Our online store is completely secure, we do not store any relevant data about you or your purchase.

We primarily accept payments by bank transfer, if you wish to pay with another type of payment please contact us.

After making your purchase, we will evaluate the humidor you have chosen and check if we have it in stock or if we have to manufacture it. As there are so many types and finishes, we generally have little stock and we will almost always manufacture it to measure. We will then contact you to explain the entire manufacturing and delivery process and answer any questions you have.

From placing your order, we generally plan for 25 days until the delivery of your product. In the instance that the humidor you order is already in stock, this delivery time will decrease significantly.

We can send the humidor to you in several ways. If it is a small model we can send it by UPS. If the model is larger, then economically it is better sent by our transport agency, Katela. You can also pick it up directly from our factory. If your order is within Madrid, we can make the delivery and assembly directly with our van or truck. All our shipments are fully insured. Consult us and we will advise you without obligation on the cheapest and safest delivery and be happy to answer any questions.

Of course, we will send you an invoice outlining all the details of your purchase.