Wacota Humidors Catalog

On this page you can browse our entire catalog with the full range of cigar humidors that we manufacture at Wacota. However, we also manufacture custom made models that are adapted to the needs and tastes of our customers. If you have any questions about our models, don’t hesitate to contact us…

The catalog exhibits the models in different categories: personal, tabletop, medium display, large display, showcase and other products. In each of these sections, the models are shown according to size. In each of the humidors, its characteristics are specified: weight, dimensions, capacity and types of finish. All of our humidors have cedar wood inside.

Main models of humidors in the Wacota catalog

In summary, the models of cigar humidors in our catalog are for:

  • Personal: ideal for the hobbyist. These models are perfect for those who are just starting their cigar collection. However, there are also personal humidors suitable for big enthusiasts.
  • Tabletop: They are perfect for enthusiasts who store large quantities of products. They can also be used for retail purposes.
  • Medium Display: the models in our catalog of humidors in this category are designed for devoted cigar connoisseurs, with space to accomodate this type of humidor. Retailers would also make great use of this model.
  • Large Display: they are humidors for cigars with a very large capacity. Designed for tobacconists.
  • Showcases: they have a large design and a capacity, generally from 80 to 150 boxes of cigars. Therefore, they are ideal humidor models for retailers.

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