Wall Humidors

Add a touch of distinction to that empty space you have in your home

Elegance and functionality

Add a touch of distinction to that empty space you have in your home. At Humidores Wacota we can fill it with elegance and functionality with an exquisite wall humidor which, as well as integrating perfectly with the decoration, allows you to keep your cigars in optimum conditions.

Functional and aesthetic, wall humidors become outstanding pieces in any environment due to their beautiful finishes in different woods or lacquered in countless colours that match the room. They are also eye-catching because of the LED lights that can be installed inside them.

In addition to the advantage of making the most of vertical space, ideal for those with limited space in their homes or offices, when mounted on the wall, they free up space on the floor, keeping the area tidy and uncluttered.

With the possibility of equipping them with our HR humidification system, these humidors ensure that each stored cigar retains its characteristic freshness and flavour as the first day. They are the perfect combination to preserve and display cigars in a practical and sophisticated way.

Do you want to make your dream of filling that empty space with something beautiful and practical come true? Fill in our contact form telling us what you need. From Humidores Wacota we will advise you to devise together that incredible and practical wall humidor that was missing in your home.

Wall Humidor

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