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There is a lot of information about humidors to know before buying one or when starting the humidor. For example, you have to know that the use of cedar wood inside is a key element. It is also important to be aware of how to control humidity, how to arrange boxes and cigars in it or what humidification systems exist. Here you can see all the relevant information about humidors.

How to maintain your humidor when you go on vacation?

Summer has arrived and vacations are just around the corner. This is the time of [...]

Humidores Wacota in ‘Cigar Journal’

The premium cigar magazine ‘Cigar Journal’ has dedicated a lovely article to us in its [...]

Spanish cedar: myths and facts about cedar wood

Origin of the Spanish cedar name You hear a lot about Spanish cedar in the [...]

Properly organizing and storing cigars in a humidor

Check the humidity to preserve the cigars in your humidor Now that you have time, [...]

Humidor for Habano cigars, the best way to preserve them

Our humidors allow you to store your cigars at the ideal humidity and temperature Using [...]

Cigar cellars, the humidor for large spaces

The cigar cellars allow you to store a large quantity of cigars in an elegant [...]

Answers from a renowned humidor manufacturer

Calixto Roncero, a renowned carpenter and a humidor manufacturer for 40 years, tells us all [...]

Seven tips for choosing a humidor

Seven key aspects to consider when choosing the right humidor for your cigars Having a [...]

Six tips to adjusting your humidor to your climate

We will explain to you how to properly maintain your humidor in your environment Cigar [...]

Top 5 cigar humidifiers for professionals

This is our selection of the best humidifiers for professionals Wacota’s variety of best cigar [...]

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