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Desktop humidors
Humidors for personal use are ideal for the starter aficionado

Desktop humidors

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The desktop humidors for personal use are ideal for the small aficionado because they keep almost 100 cigars in an efficient and long-lasting way. The interior is made of cedar wood. The exterior finish can be chosen by the customer. From varnished mahogany, walnut, hardwood roots or lacquered in any colour. The humidity is natural as we use a magnet flask or sponge tray, depending on the model.

Desktop humidors

Exquisito Model

320 345 

Cigar humidor box


459 482 

Desktop humidors


286 308 

Desktop humidors


262 276 

Desktop humidors

Vega Model

320 336 

Desktop humidors

This kind of humidors are made to store no more than 200 cigars..

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