Wacota humidor manufacturers, about us.

We manufacture humidors according to your needs

We are carpenters who have been manufacturing humidors for more than 40 years. Our factory, located in Madrid (Spain), has the most qualified craftsmen and tools for the manufacturing of humidors. We manufacture them in series, but also to fit special measures, for the perfect conservation of tobacco. Apart from our range of products, we are in charge of designing and manufacturing the humidor line that our clients request for the promotion of their brands. We can incorporate your own logo or your brand identity into the humidor you need. We can even create a humidor adapted to your design, shape or colour. We bring the highest quality to all our products, respecting their purpose: to maintain tobacco in the best conditionsfor tasting. At Wacota we have been experts in the world of humidorsfor over 40 years.

Various types of Wacota humidors

Discover all our humidors according to capacity and size

Wacota, our humidor factory offers our clients the possibility of having their own line of cigar humidors, to manufacture a custom series for their promotions, or even create any type of furniture to a specific set of measurements. We have a wide variety of woods for the final finish of our humidors. Due to this, many options can be considered when choosing from our range of humidors. If you wish you can follow us on social media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And stay up to date with all of our products, news and new releases: Facebook (facebook.es/wacota), Twitter (@wacota)andInstagram (@humidores_wacota). On our socials, you can see all the news about the world of humidors and their manufacturing. Click on like and that’s it…

Manufacturing of our Monarca model