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This humidors are for the aficionado and for the point of sale

Humidor cabinet

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The humidor cabinet is a large model ideal for the aficionado and for the point of sale and therefore have a capacity of up to 80 boxes of cigars. The interior is made entirely of cedar and usually has four shelves for storing boxes. The exterior can be made in the finish of the customer’s choice. The humidifier can be natural (tray with sponge) or you can choose our electronic humidifier Hr6, which thanks to the double cedar back, distributes the humidity evenly throughout the humidor. The Hr6 humidifier has an external electronic hygrostat and two LED warning lights. The hygrometer is analogue and can be calibrated.


Humidor cabinet

Dominicana Model

1.382 2.673 

Humidor cabinet

Imperial Cristal Model

924 2.302 

Humidor cabinet

Imperial Model

799 2.166 

Humidor cabinet

Monarca Cristal Model

1.178 2.641 

Humidor cabinet

Monarca Model

933 2.375 

Humidor cabinet

Pegaso Cristal Model

1.118 2.568 

Humidor cabinet

Pegaso Model

873 2.303 

Large humidors

This large humidors are made to store no more than 1.700 cigars..

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