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The preservation of the cigars is carried out in perfect condition

Our humidors for sale are made of cedar wood to keep the cigars as perfect as the day they were made We have been manufacturing cigar humidors for over four decades, so we have a wide range of models to cover all your needs.

As experienced humidor artisans, at Wacota Cigar Humidors, we believe in a job well done

With more than 40 years behind us as artisan humidor manufacturers , perfection down to the last detail is our promise We mix the latest technologies with the craftsmanship of our carpenters to create high-quality cedar humidors. The result is functional, hard-wearing and exclusive humidors.

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Custom made an Walk-in humidors

Custom-made humidors

Our think is to maintain a good production without becoming a factory. We have the vocation, the desire and the motivation to continue using artisan processes in parts of the manufacture of our humidors. For this reason we love to make custom humidors, we enjoy and are excited about new challenges. And of course to give good service to the wishes of our customers.

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Walk-in humidors

We are specialists in the manufacturing and assembly of walk-in humidor. Cedar accompanies our process as our leading wood. With our cigar cellars, you don’t only get the quality materials and finishes that we use in the manufacturing of our cigar humidors. With the cigar cellar, you can also play more with creativity, design and integration of additional elements such as ambient light.

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Cigar humidors for sale available by size


Our showcases typically have a capacity of around 80 to 150 boxes of cigars. The interior space, all made of cedar, is very large. There is a lower part for storing boxes and the Hr6 electronic humidifier,

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Humidor cabinet

The humidor cabinet are ideal for enthusiasts and distributors, since they have a large capacity of 80 boxes of cigars. The cedar interior space typically has four shelves for storing boxes.

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Medium Display Cabinets

Our range of medium display humidors are again ideal for a hobbyist or for a retailer. They generally have a capacity for between 20 to 50 boxes of assorted cigars and their interior space is made of cedar.

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Cigar humidor box

Cigar humidor box are perfect for collectors and for retailers. The exterior can be made in the finish of the customers choice. They have an interior space to store boxes.

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Personal humidors

Our personal artisan humidors are ideal for the casual hobbyist, because they hold almost around 100 cigars efficiently and durably. The interior is made of cedar wood. The exterior finish can be chosen by the client.

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Other products

We manufacture and market other related products, such as the Hr6 electronic humidifier, the Hr6 Mini model, and the CigarSpa humidifier. We also manufacture tables for rolling and cutting cigars.

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Manufacturing, conditions and shipping

Information about Wacota Humidors

Wacota cigar humidors, humidor manufacturers for more than 40 years

AtWacota Humidors, we are dedicated to the manufacturing of Humidors and Cigar Cellars for series cigars and special cigars, for the perfect preservation for more than forty years.

Available Finishes

Select the finish you want. We have a big range of finishes, from noble woods, to lacquered in any colour. Tell us the finish you want and we will be happy to transfer it into your humidor design.

Acabados disponibles para nuestros humidores

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FAQ humidores wacota

At Wacota humidors we want to help you resolve all the doubts and questions you have about humidors and the preservation of cigars. Here you can find the answers to the questions you need solving.

A cigar humidor is a larger or smaller box made with special characteristics for the preservation of Premium cigars. It is lined with cedar wood, since this is the best wood to store cigars for a long period of time. This wood allows the maintenance of the ideal environment so that the cigars do not dry out, and can even improve over time.A humidor is used to store and preserve cigars for long periods of time. In addition to having an aesthetic function, humidors prevent cigars from spoiling. The humidity and temperature conditions inside the humidors make it possible for the cigars to last in perfect condition for an extensive period of time, without drying out or losing any of their distinctive characteristics.The preservation of cigars in a humidor helps to maintain their own characteristics in terms of aromas and flavors with which they were manufactured. It also benefits the aging of the cigars and the settlement of their notes.Humidors are easy to operate. They are wooden boxes with humidity generation systems, which allow a humidity of around 70% to be reached. You just have to be aware of the humidity levels inside, to ensure that they do not fall much below, or rise in excess above 70%. If the humidity that is generated inside the humidor is natural, created by means of a tray system with a sponge moistened in distilled water, the sponge must be moistened when necessary. In the case of an electronic humidity generation system, it is also necessary to be aware of whether the tank needs more distilled water.

One of the doubts that is most often asked is how you should start your humidor. In fact, Burkina The Magazine has told us that you have even referred this question to them. And since we love that you asked us about it, or any other doubt in which we can help you, we made this post to answer you. Well, in this case, the answer is very simple: you have to turn it on to work until it reaches a humidity of around 70%.

Keeping cigars in a humidor prevents them from spoiling and helps them age better. When keeping the cigars in a humidor, they do not dry out, nor do they become excessively humid in case of living in a very humid place, for example the beach. In addition, they prevent them from picking up odors from the environment that may be noticed when smoking it. As the tobacco in cigars comes from a plant and is alive, its preservation in the humidor makes it continue to enrich itself. In other words, allow it to continue to age and soak up the aromas given off by the cedar wood in the humidor.

The humidity inside the humidor is the key variable so that the cigars are well preserved. In homes, it is common for heating and/or air conditioner systems to dry out the environment. The humidity inside the humidor prevents the cigars from drying out in the home environment. Thus, the humidity levels achieved in the humidor are similar to the typical tropical climate of the countries where most Premium cigars are manufactured.

Basically, humidors can have two humidification systems: natural or electronic. The first consists of placing a tray with a sponge which has been moistened in distilled water inside the humidor. It is a simple mechanism that does not require much work, except to periodically moisten the sponge when it begins to dry out.The other model of humidification is to use electronic devices. At Wacota Humidors we have our own electronic humidification device: the HR6. It is available in two sizes to fit small and large humidors. It is a device that automatically expels water vapor from a tank that stores distilled water. It has a hygrostat in which the humidity level to be maintained in the humidor is established. The device itself generates humidity through a nebulizer and a fan expands it, until it reaches the preset level. In addition, it has a probe that measures the humidity inside the humidor, so that when it reaches 70%, it stops automatically. Similarly, if the humidity level drops, it is activated again.

Although humidity is the most critical variable inside the humidor, temperature is also important. The range between which the temperature should be in a humidor ranges between 16 and 23 degrees Celsius. Temperature levels are important for the aging of cigars. Thus, if the temperature is very low, the wrapper of the cigar can be damaged. If the temperature is very high (above 24 degrees Celsius), there is a danger of pests arising in cigar tobacco, such as the well-known and dreaded tobacco beetle.

Humidity and temperature inside the humidor are closely related. The maximum amount of water vapor that can fit in the air without becoming saturated (condensing) depends on the ambient temperature. This means that the warmer the air, the more water vapor it can hold without becoming saturated with moisture. Thus, the relative humidity that is talked about for humidors is the amount of water vapor in the air measured in so many percent (70%).

A good humidor should be lined with cedar wood on the inside. This type of wood has been shown to be the best for maintaining proper humidity levels. The cedar woods used in humidors are of tropical origin, so they are very suitable for living in environments with high levels of humidity. Therefore, they are perfect for maintaining the 70% humidity that is required inside the humidor.

The size of the humidor depends on the number of cigars you want to store and the space you have. A larger or smaller humidor is neither better nor worse. It all depends on the needs of each individual. Therefore, for a collector, a personal or tabletop humidor may suffice; but you may also need a humidor with a larger capacity, such as the display cases (medium or large). A professional tobacconist with little space will have to use less large humidors with sufficient storage. However, there are also spacious establishments that may need a large, custom-built cigar cellar for example.The size is not what influences the preservation of cigars, the important thing is the correct humidity and temperature levels inside the humidor. Therefore, the key to cigar preservation is to set the proper levels for these two variables and monitor them periodically regardless of the size of the humidor.

We want to help you and find the perfect cigar humidor

Our vocation of service as humidor artisans is that you find the model that best suits your needs. We have over 40 models of cedar humidors. If you don’t find what you are looking for, don’t worry! We can create a model according to your tastes.

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