Electronic cigar humidifier Hr6 and Mini Hr6

Our Hr6 electronic cigar humidifier is a humidity generator designed for cigar humidors. Through the electrolysis process, it creates moisture in particles so fine, it’s practically smoke. Because of this, it prevents the cigars from becoming excessively moist. In addition, it has a fan that gives out a constant current so that the humidity inside the humidor is evenly distributed.

Two models: Hr6 and Mini Hr6

We have two models, the standard and the mini. The standard model is intended for big humidors and showcase cabinets, whereas the mini is for medium to small humidors. The difference between the two is both the size and that the large model generates humidity through a nebulizer and the small one through a tray and a damp sponge or a water filter.

It is very easy to set up and operate. However, as with any electronic device, it must be operated correctly to avoid disrupting its optimal functioning or causing problems. On this page we explain the correct handling of the device, and offer the Hr6 humidifier instruction catalog. Please read it carefully before installing the humidification system into your humidifier. Closely follow the steps indicated in this manual. If you have any questions, contact us. It is important that you do not use the humidifier without following the instructions for use and handling.

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HR6 Humidifier

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Mini HR6 Humidifier

The Hr6 Cigar Humidifier generates humidity electronically and maintains it at 70%

This cigar humidifier is a very precise electronic system. It maintains humidity through a perfect, consistent and automatic operation. With it, we guarantee the optimal preservation of cigars. The essential attribute of the Hr6 Cigar Humidity Generator is to create an electrical oscillation at ultrasonic frequencies. The ceramic in the nebulizer changes the oscillation from electrical to mechanical, which creates the mist. It is especially relevant that this oscillation produces negative ions that help to keep the air fresh. Finally, the fan installed in the equipment is responsible for evenly distributing the humidity throughout the humidor. The humidifier automatically stops its operation once it has reached the desired programmed humidity level. It starts up again once it has dropped by around 5%. The humidity generator has a tank to store water, which must be distilled to avoid impurities in the water from the system. This will give the humidifier a longer life. In short, the equipment has been specifically designed to create the perfect environment in your humidor for the optimal preservation of cigars. However, it can be also be applied to other devices.

Installation and commissioning operation

  1. Connect the network and the humidity control sockets to the humidifier.
  2. Connect the humidifier to the electrical network.
  3. Proceed to fill the tank with distilled water by removing the lid to the left of the humidifier. Pour the water into the tank, taking care not to get water on the fan. Fill the water up to the white marking inside the tank. Once the tank is full, replace and close the lid.
  4. Place the cigar humidifier as close as possible to the inside rear of the humidor.
  5. Rotate the hydrostat wheel to the desired humidity level. The humidifier will begin working and the green light will come on, this will turn off again once the humidity has reached the desired programmed level. When the red light comes on, it means that the water tank needs to be refilled. Fill the water tank again using the directions stated above.

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Start-up electronic cigar humidifier from Wacota; Hr6 and Mini Hr6

Important: the Hr6 humidifier requires distilled water

In the beggining, while the space to be moistened is not saturated, a lot of water will be consumed. This is normal, later the water consumption will decrease.

  • The Cigar Humidity Generator tank and the nebulizer are constantly subjected to humidity and dirt particles from the environment. Therefore, they must be cleaned regularly.
  • The motor screen must be cleaned to avoid clogging.
  • It is recommended that cleaning is done about every two months.
  • While cleaning the equipment, it must be disconnected from the electrical network.
  • You have to remove the cigar humidifier from the cabinet, and drain the water from the tank. You must be especially careful that the water does not wet the electronic part of the equipment.
  • Clean the nebulizer reservoir and ceramic with a soft cloth and clean water. Never use bleaches or other chemicals, as they could damage the equipment and the product.
  • If you see that after several cleanings the ceramic installed in the nebulizer does not maintain its initial characteristics, it is necessary to change it.
  • When the humidifier is clean, it must be put back into operation as indicated in the initial set up.

All of our large humidors include the Hr6 humidification system.You can download the Hr6 start-up and operating instructions here.

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