Sizes and formats of cigars, which is your favorite?

Formato de los cigarros

In the marvelous world of cigars, there are an endless array of sizes and formats to satisfy all tastes. Do you already know which one is your favorite? The first thing to keep in mind are two basic concepts: Ring gauge: This is the thickness of the cigar – its diameter. It is a measurement […]

Cedar trays, to keep your humidor tidy

Bandeja de cedro con higrostato

Cigar humidors are the best option for fans of premium cigars to keep them in the best conditions. At Wacota Humidors we have, in addition to a wide range of models we also have a collection of accessories and devices to help the storage of cigars be at it’s optimal level. One of our great […]

Humidores Wacota in the magazine ‘Latino Aficionado’

Humidores Wacota en Latino Aficionado

The magazine ‘Latino Aficionado’ has published a lovely report about Humidores Wacota in its October issue. Throughout the six pages, the publication tells our long history, our experience in the manufacturing of humidors and cellars for cigars, the materials we use, the models we have and the effectiveness of our humidors in preserving the cigars. […]

Spanish cedar: myths and facts about cedar wood

el cedro madera ideal para los cigarros

Origin of the Spanish cedar name You hear a lot about Spanish cedar in the world of humidors. But the wood of the so-called Spanish cedar does not actually come from a native tree in Spain. It is wood from tropical species, either from South America or Africa, but not from Spain. So why is […]

Properly organizing and storing cigars in a humidor

Colo tus puros ordenadamente en tu humidor

Check the humidity to preserve the cigars in your humidor Now that you have time, it’s time to tidy things up at home. Among them, your cigar humidor, the best option for organizing and storing cigars in the right conditions. To do this, you must think about which cigars you are going to consume soon […]

Humidor for Habano cigars, the best way to preserve them

Humidores para gran almacenaje de cigarros

Our humidors allow you to store your cigars at the ideal humidity and temperature Using a humidor for Habano cigars is the best option to preserve them. Recognized as the best handmade cigars on the international market, so that they do not spoil they must be stored in the ideal conditions. Cigar humidors offer that […]

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