Main finishes for humidors

Cedar wood is essential for the interior of humidors, but the exterior finish has endless possibilities. Natural wood, varnished, recomposed, roots, lacquered… it all depends on the taste of each person and the place where you want to place it. Here are some of the main finishes used in cigar humidors. The most common is […]

What do you pair your cigars with?

Cigar pairing

Every true lover of premium cigars knows the importance of choosing the right drink to accompany the smoking experience. It’s clear that a cigar on its own fills your mouth with flavors and sensations, but a good companion can enhance those notes and intensify the pleasure of savoring a fine cigar. There are many drinks […]

Humidores Wacota in ‘Cigar Journal’

Humidores Wacota en Cigar Journal

The premium cigar magazine ‘Cigar Journal’ has dedicated a lovely article to us in its May/June issue. Entitled “When Juancar met Marco”, it begins by telling the story of how the two partners, Marco Torres and Juan Carlos (“Juancar”) Roncero, met. And how, 20 years later, that relationship has resulted in the international expansion of […]

Spanish cedar: myths and facts about cedar wood

el cedro madera ideal para los cigarros

Origin of the Spanish cedar name You hear a lot about Spanish cedar in the world of humidors. But the wood of the so-called Spanish cedar does not actually come from a native tree in Spain. It is wood from tropical species, either from South America or Africa, but not from Spain. So why is […]

Sizes and formats of cigars, which is your favorite?

Formato de los cigarros

In the marvelous world of cigars, there are an endless array of sizes and formats to satisfy all tastes. Do you already know which one is your favorite? The first thing to keep in mind are two basic concepts: Ring gauge: This is the thickness of the cigar – its diameter. It is a measurement […]

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