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A walk-in humidor is a large humidor that can store huge quantities of cigars. Therefore, in irder to have a cigar cellar installed, you must ensure you have a sufficiently large space. In addition to perfectly preserving your cigars, the cellars are elegant spaces that offer a lot of visibility of the cigars they store. Because of this, they are primarily intended for use by tobacco retailers and sales establishments. With the walk-in humidor, we offer the same quality of materials and finishes as the rest of our humidors. However, because of the size of the walk-in humidor, you can also play more with the creativity, design and the integration of additional elements (such as ambient lighting and tobacco shop signs.)

Steps for the installation of a cellar

At Wacota Humidors, we design, manufacture and install all kinds of modern and functional walk-in cigar humidor that we can adapt to the space available to our clients. We are specialists in covering unwanted gaps or large spaces in homes and premises, or directly creating the partitions to manufacture it. This means we can put the ceiling, the dorrs and the cabinets necessary to store your cigars  in a way that suits your tastes.The manufacturing of the walk-in humidor is as follows:

  • Measurements of the space where the cellar will be installed.
  • The cellar will be designed and presented to the client in 3D.
  • Manufacturing of the cellar and all of it’s elements and parts will be carried out in our carpentry workshop.
  • Supply and installation of the cellar to the client.

walk-in humidor with a cedar wood interior

As we do with humidors, we make our cellars with a cedar wood interior. This type of wood favors adequate humidity conditions for the conservation of cigars (around 70%). In addition, it is a special kind of wood with a distinctive smell. Its use inside our humidors and cellars has many benefits. The first and foremost is that it helps to create the perfect humidity conditions required for the storage of cigars. Secondly, it is a wood that adds a desired aroma to the cigars. Finally, it helps to avoid insect pests, such as the dreaded tobacco beetle.

Las cavas para puros permiten conservar los cigarros

walk-in humidor are very aesthetically pleasing spaces to store cigars in the correct conditions.

Since walk-in humidor are very large spaces, they must be bright. For this reason, the vast majority have several glass parts so that natural light can enter. However, to help with your lighting, we can install led lights. With this type of artificial lighting, in addition to being able to find products more easily in the cellars, a very beautiful and striking atmosphere is also created. The lighting we use is the best on the market to avoid damaging the cigars. These are the coldest type of led lights out there.

Humidity and temperature inside the walk-in humidor

As for the interior environment, which just as in the smaller humidors must have regulated humidity and temperature levels, we install our electronic humification system (HR6). This device allows the interior to reach and maintain humidity around 70%. This figure is key for the storage of cigars in all humidors of different sizes and in cellars. It is the humidity at which cigars are kept in perfect condition, allowing their flavors to settle, age and not dry out or spoil. Although the temperature of the walk-in humidor and humidors is not as critical, it should be kept between 16 and 23 degrees Celsius.In addition to the entire assembly of the cellars, we also take care of setting it up and managing the installation to the necessary humidity and temperature conditions. In order to do this, we work with leading companies in the tobacco sector in Spain. Among these companies, we work closely with Condair, a company dedicated to the manufacturing and assembly of modern, state of the art humidity systems. They supply nebulization or electrolysis systems. The cold is another important element to take into account in the cellars. However, with a good air conditioning system, the necessary temperature parameters (around 18-20ºC) can be achieved in a simple way.

Publicidad en la parte superior de la cava

We propose various ways of displaying your merchandise in the most aesthetic way for your cigar cellar.

Advertising in a place of purchase

The cellars offer the possibility of placing luminous posters, advertising posters of the tobacco companies, and elements related to the world of tobacco. These elements are in tune with the design of the cellar, so they’re well fitted to it’s aesthetic. It consists of the installation of light boxes with images and labels. We mount the canvas on the frame and fit it into the light box. This makes it easy to change the labels. Therefore, changes can be made quickly as many times as necessary.

The walk-in humidor, a dream for professionals and enthusiasts

Although our walk-in humidor are mostly requested by retailers and sellers, they are not just cigar storage spaces for professionals. We also manufacture them for cigar enthusiasts. There are smokers with a lot of space in their houses, or with extra space that they take want to advantage of to make a custom cellar. So, entering a luxury cellar and enjoying browsing the cigars is no longer exclusive to the owners and customers of the tobacconists. It is a viable option for cigar connoisseurs, and why not! This option is also available to those who are just starting out in the consumption of cigars, if you wish.

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Walk-in humidor

The walk-in humidor is a mystical space. Almost reflective and inspired by lovers of a good premium cigar. In our walk-in humidor, we don’t only does the same quality of materials and finishes that we use in cigar humidors, we also give the option of much more creativity in the design and adding of additional elements such as ambient lighting.


Cava de Magallanes

Soon you will see a selection of our humidors in the largest walk-in humidor from Spain.

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