Why should the humidity in a humidor be at 70%?

Humedad al 70%

Many times we buy a product (such as a humidifier) and don’t read the instructions. Or we read them, but we don’t follow the directions or we ignore their warnings. In the case of a humidor, it is essential to meet the start-up and / or maintenance requirements, especially to achieve constant humidity in the humidor. Getting 70% humidity inside the humidor is key for cigars.

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70% humidity is not a random set figure established for humidification in cigar humidifiers. It is the humidity at which it has been proven that cigars should be stored, so as not to spoil and even to improve them as they age. Its aging without humidity would be impossible. Thus, the humidity in cigars is a fundamental element.

Higrómetro analógico

Although the humidity in the humidor can range between levels of 68 and 74%, 70% is often referred to as the ‘ideal figure’. The benefits of this level of humidification in the humidor for cigars are:

  • Makes your flavors and aromas evolve better, helping to age it inside the humidor. It facilitates the settlement of the flavors of the cigar.
  • It allows the cigar to light and burn evenly when it is being smoked.
  • A cigar absorbs the amount of moisture corresponding to 14% of its weight. This means that the cigar does not dry out or have an excess of humidity that makes it difficult to smoke later.

Problems due to not keeping the humidity in the humidor at an ideal level

Failing to maintain the recommended humidity levels in the humidor can lead to cigar problems:

  • If the humidity is above 80%, the cigars will absorb too much moisture. This situation will lead not only to making smoking the cigar very difficult, but also to problems with mold and rot.
  • When it comes time to smoke the cigar, the excess humidification in the humidor causes the cigars either burn unevenly or not be able to be lit at all. It also causes heavier and more acidic flavors in the cigar.
  • On the contrary, the lack of humidity in the humidor means that the cigars will burn very quickly. In addition, the lack of humidity affects the flavor, causing cigars with more bitter, spicier and have more aggressive notes. Over time, cigars kept in low humidity can lose their flavors altogether.

We hope that all these explanations help you to understand the importance of the correct humidification of cigars. Ensuring that the humidity in the humidor is at 70% is simple and, at the same time, beneficial, since it will prevent spoiling of the cigars and will also enrich them.

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