Humidification systems: natural or electronic humidification?

Humidificador para puros hr6

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When buying a humidification system, one of the questions that may arise is whether to opt for one that has natural humidification – the most popular until a few years ago – or to opt for one that has an electronic humidification system. Although their operation is different, both types allow preservation of the cigars at the recommended humidity: between 65 and 72 percent. Natural humidification is generated with sponges that are moistened with distilled water placed in either little pouches in the case of a smaller humidor or in big trays in the case of humidors with a larger capacity. In the case of opting for this method, the fundamental thing is to periodically check that the sponges are still moist, and that they have not lost much or all of the water.Like this you can ensure that the humidity levels remain ideal and that the cigars do not lose their quality.

The electronic humidification option is slightly more sophisticated, but it doesn’t mean it’s more complex to function. The humidification devices, designed for cigars, are installed into the humidors with a probe that reads the humidity, so it is easier to more precisely monitor if the conditions are suitable. In addition, humidification systems, such as the HR6 used by Wacota Humidors have a hygrostat in which the desired humidity level is established. Using this technology, the humidification device itself generates humidity through a nebulizer and a fan that dispenses it. When the threshold is reached, the nebulizer stops, but re-activates if a drop in humidity is detected.

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Wacota cigar humidification systems

Our humidors that use electronic humidification technology are designed with a double back so that the humidity circulates through all the parts evenly, and the humidity level is at an equilibrium throughout the humidor. The Hr6 Humidifier is equipped with lighting to indicate that it is in operation and to warn in the event that it needs water, which must also be distilled to prolong the life of the humidifier, In addition, electronic humidification systems can even have modern software systems that they send messages to the mobile if the humidifier needs water or in the event that there is a humidity related incident in the humidor.

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