Humidores Wacota in the magazine ‘Latino Aficionado’

Humidores Wacota en Latino Aficionado

The magazine ‘Latino Aficionado’ has published a lovely report about Humidores Wacota in its October issue. Throughout the six pages, the publication tells our long history, our experience in the manufacturing of humidors and cellars for cigars, the materials we use, the models we have and the effectiveness of our humidors in preserving the cigars.

The report for ‘Latino Aficionado’, which begins on page 36 of the magazine, starts by explaining why we use cedar wood in humidors, the origin of the Spanish cedar name and the types of cedar wood used. In addition, it emphasizes the wood we use in Wacota Humidors which, throughout our more than 40 years of experience, we have proven to be the most suitable for humidors.

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The bossé cedar wood, which is what we use, maintains the humidity levels required for the conservation of cigars (70%). In addition, it has less resin than other cedar wood, so it does not appear in the humidors over the years.


The report by ‘Latino Aficionado’ then goes on to explain our wide catalog of models, which are made to order to prevent the wood from aging without being used. Customers can choose the type of finish and the humidification system – natural or electronic. It also details that we can make a custom humidor to your tastes. And it underlines the importance of humidors in the preservation of cigars, explaining the relevance of humidity.

The ‘Latino Aficionado’ article is accompanied by images of some of our models. Specifically, it includes photographs of:

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