Cedar trays, to keep your humidor tidy

Bandeja de cedro con higrostato

Cigar humidors are the best option for fans of premium cigars to keep them in the best conditions. At Wacota Humidors we have, in addition to a wide range of models we also have a collection of accessories and devices to help the storage of cigars be at it’s optimal level. One of our great accessories is the cedar wood cigar trays.

Cedar cigar humidor trays keep your humidor tidy. Cigars can be placed in them classifying them by size, paper bands, tobacco companies, strength of cigars, or however you like! In addition, these trays can be removed from the humidor. This means they allow you to better see which cigar you want to take out of the humidor to smoke, without having to spend a long time with the humidor open, which causes loss of humidity.

Specifically, the cedar trays that we make at Wacota humidors are solid cedar wood trays because, as we have explained on several occasions, it is the best wood to preserve cigars. In fact, it is what we use to line the interior of all our humidors.


Acabado de las bandejas

Functional and elegant cedar trays

From our 40 plus years of experience, we have found with confidence that cedar wood, which is a tropical wood, helps to maintain the ideal humidity for the preservation of cigars. In addition, the type of cedar we use (known as bossé cedar) extends the life of the humidor: as it has very little resin, it does not appear over time in the humidor (or on the trays).

Furthermore, cigar trays add elegance to the cigar cellars and humidors, making them not only a functional element, but also a decorative one. It’s an elegant way to offer guests a cigar without having to bring the humidor (especially for large models that are difficult to move). Just take out the beautiful cedar tray with the cigars you want to offer to your friends and show them off!

The trays that we manufacture at Wacota Humidors are equipped with vertical dividers. Like this, compartments can be created in the desired size and with the arrangement that best suits the needs of each smoker.


Bandejas de cedro montadas en un humidor

New tray manufacturing service

We have created a new service for the manufacturing of these cedar trays. All of them will be made of solid cedar and will have a height of 5 centimeters, which allows two rows of cigars to be placed within. This means that the moisture is well distributed throughout the cigars. If they were deeper, it would allow room for more cigars, but it would jeopardize the distribution of humidity to the cigars in the base part, therefore meaning their preservation would not be as good.

We invite you to discover our collection of cigar humidifiers.

As for the rest of the measures of the trays for humidors, it will be to the choice and taste of the customers. Thus, they will be able to determine both the length and the width of the tray in measurements of 5 by 5 centimeters. Clients will choose the size of the trays according to their needs in terms of the type of cigars they have, with a short or long length or with a thinner or thicker ring.

In the same way we adapt the cigar trays to the needs of each smoker, we also manufacture the vertical separators for the trays in this way. This means customers can place them in the arrangement they want to form spaces according to the sizes of their cigars.

Cedar trays are items that can either be ordered at the same time as your humidor for cigars or once you have the humidifier at home, once you review how many trays you may need. Even after months or years, as you acquire more and more diverse cigars and it becomes more convenient to have trays to create more order in the humidor, we will be happy to manufacture the trays you need.


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