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The humidors are wooden boxes or furniture to store the cigars in the perfect conditions so that they are preserved as the first day. There are many models, finishes, humidity system and issues to consider when buying a humidor. Here we leave you all relevant questions about humidors for cigars.

Main finishes for humidors

Cedar wood is essential for the interior of humidors, but the exterior finish has endless [...]

What are the parts of a cigar?

Cigars are more complex than they may seem at first glance and are crafted using [...]

Our humidor for La Flor Dominicana

Our humidor for La Flor Dominicana, purchased for highest value at Procigar’s charity auction Our [...]

Preserving or aging cigars in a humidor

A cigar humidor allows cigars to be kept in the optimal conditions, without losing any [...]

History of cigar humidors

It is difficult to delve into the history of humidors or know a date that [...]

How to set up a humidor

How do I set up my humidor? One of the most frequently asked questions we [...]

Cedar trays, to keep your humidor tidy

Cigar humidors are the best option for fans of premium cigars to keep them in [...]

Humidores Wacota in the magazine ‘Latino Aficionado’

The magazine ‘Latino Aficionado’ has published a lovely report about Humidores Wacota in its October [...]

Humidor for Habano cigars, the best way to preserve them

Our humidors allow you to store your cigars at the ideal humidity and temperature Using [...]

Answers from a renowned humidor manufacturer

Calixto Roncero, a renowned carpenter and a humidor manufacturer for 40 years, tells us all [...]

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