Properly organizing and storing cigars in a humidor

Colo tus puros ordenadamente en tu humidor

Check the humidity to preserve the cigars in your humidor

Now that you have time, it’s time to tidy things up at home. Among them, your cigar humidor, the best option for organizing and storing cigars in the right conditions. To do this, you must think about which cigars you are going to consume soon and which ones you want to save for another occasion. And with all this clear, you can begin to create order in the humidor.

Tips for organizing and storing your cigar humidor

Here are some top tips for organizing your humidor:

  • Check the humidity and temperature levels. If you are not keeping track of your humidor, take advantage of this moment. Verify that the humidity is around 70%. If not, take the appropriate measures: moisten the sponge or pour distilled water into the electronic humidifier. Also, check that the temperature stays around 20 degrees.
  • Make sure that the cigars are in good condition, well placed and without breakage. They should not be placed in such a way that they put pressure on each other, as they could break. If there are any that present a defect, smoke them (it is a good time).
  • Place the cigars well in the humidor. Cigars must be acclimated to the conditions of the humidor, so it is important to differentiate between cigars that have been in the humidor for a long time from those that have been recently purchased. Because of this, it is advisable to rotate the cigars to maintain their properties.
  • Also check the cigars that are stored in cellophane, tubes or in boxes inside the humidor. They are pretty wrappers, but they are not made for keeping and aging cigars. So, if you see that the cigars are deteriorating, take them out of them and store them directly in the humidor.
  • If you have a large number of cigars, put the oldest ones on top, so that they are the first ones you consume. The humidors, in addition to keeping cigars in perfect condition, help their aging. Therefore, cigars that have been in your humidor for around six months are now ready to smoke. Their flavor will be more uniform and balanced than when you bought them.
  • Adapt your humidor to the climate in which you live. If your city has a hot and dry climate, requiring continuous use of air conditioning, the humidification device must be replenished with distilled water on a daily basis. On the other hand, if your region has a very humid climate, you have to make sure that the humidity of the humidor does not rise too much. If is a very cold place where you live, you also have to control that the humidity does not drop.
la conservación de cigarros es clave para su añejamiento
Maintaining good humidity and temperature conditions are key to the aging of the cigar.

It’s never too late to have a humidor

In conclusion… We hope that with these ideas for organizing and storing cigars you will get you and your humidor ready in a few minutes. And if after reading this, you have now realized that you need a humidor to have your cigars ordered and well preserved, get in touch with us! You can keep an eye on our models on our page … or send us an email.

For now, we anticipate some questions to take into account when choosing a humidor. For example, to choose the size that best suits your needs, you must assess the amount of cigars you have or want to put in the humidor. You also have to consider whether you want to put the cigars loose or in their boxes. Another key aspect is if you want a humidor in which the cigars can be seen without having to open them, since there are some models that have glass lids.

We invite you to discover our collection of cigar humidifiers.

If you are a frequent smoker and the cigars in your humidor have high turnover, you probably don’t need a humidor that is too large.
Next, you must choose the humidification method you want for your cigar humidor. It can be natural, consisting of a tray with a sponge moistened with distilled water; or electronic, with a device that is programmed to ensure that the humidity in the humidor remains stable at around 70%. Finally, you will have to consider the type of finish you want for your cigar humidor: varnished (mahogany, walnut, cherry, bubinga …) or lacquered (in black, white or a wide range of colors).

Un puro bien conservado se disfruta más
The difference between a well-preserved cigar and one that is not, appears in the smoke.

Five models for enthusiasts

For the preservation of a small quantity of cigars, we propose five humidors from our extensive catalog. They are very suitable for both experienced smokers, and those who are just starting out in the world of cigars. These are the Principe Mahogany, our Exquisite Mahogany, the Presidente and its glass version, Presidente Cristal, the Berlin and Estoril model.
In any case, you may be wondering if you really need a humidor. Don’t keep wondering. Here are ten reasons why it is important to keep cigars in a humidor.

Humidors maintain the ideal humidity for cigars (around 70%), in addition to the temperature (around 21 degrees). Thus, they prevent the cigars from drying out and therefore spoiling.

In addition, the boxes and tubes in which the cigars come from the factory are not designed to preserve them, but are merely aesthetic packaging. The humidors allow the storage of cigars in an orderly way and help their aging. Likewise, the cedar interior of the humidors add to the cigar. This type of wood is the best to guarantee the maintenance of humidity around 70%. Added to this advantage is the fact that it prevents tobacco pests.

Humidors are devices that prevent cigars from acquiring the aromas of the environment or of other types of products in the home. The start-up and management of the humidors is simple and there’s a wide range of models, sizes and prices, making it a product within the reach of almost all pockets and tastes. Finally, it should be said that the models and finishes of the humidors can be made to compliment any style.

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