Humidor for Habano cigars, the best way to preserve them

Humidores para gran almacenaje de cigarros

Our humidors allow you to store your cigars at the ideal humidity and temperature

Using a humidor for Habano cigars is the best option to preserve them. Recognized as the best handmade cigars on the international market, so that they do not spoil they must be stored in the ideal conditions. Cigar humidors offer that suitable environment in which to store cigars: humidity around 70% and temperature around 19 or 20 degrees Celsius.

Just as we keep a good wine in the best conditions so that it does not spoil and improves over time, cigars, which are fresh products without additives or preservatives, also become enriched over time. As explained by Habanos on their website here, these cigars can be kept for up to 15 years (or even more). And that aging of the cigars must take place without fear that they will spoil. Therefore, in a good humidor for Habano.

In general, a cigar humidor is a box with a cedar wood interior. It also has a source (natural or electronic) that generates humidity. This type of wood is chosen for its interior cladding because it favors the necessary humidity conditions. Second, it adds aroma to cigars. The third contribution of this type of wood is that it helps to prevent insect pests. With regard to humidification, in the cigar humidor it can be controlled by means of a trays with a sponge or with electronic devices, such as our HR6.

Models and sizes of humidors for cigars according to your needs

Looking for a cigar humidifier for your humidor or Walk-in cigar room?

There is a wide range of sizes, models and finishes for cigar humidors, like the ones we have in Wacota Humidors. First of all, cigar humidors can be personal, meaning not very large and for personal use. These are models of cigar humidors to use in your home in small spaces. There are also somewhat larger sizes of humidors for cigars, such as the tabletop models. These allow you to store a larger quantity of cigars in the best conditions.

In addition, there are humidifiers for cigars with greater capacity to place directly on the floor. They are like small pieces of furniture with a height of around one meter. Likewise, we manufacture models of larger sizes, similar to cabinets. In our catalog, you can find these types of humidors under large displays and showcases.

Finally, you can build cigar cellars for cigars and thus store these cigars according to the available space of each one. We build cellars, covering spaces and directly manufacturing partitions, floors, ceilings, doors and so on according to the clients needs and space. Of course, always with the cedar wood cladding, the best to create the ideal environment for the conservation of cigars.


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