How should I organize the cigars in my humidor?

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Organizing cigars in a humidor is a simple task, but it should be done with some thought. How should you organize the cigars in your humidor? Once you have the humidor set up with the ideal conditions to store your cigars, you have to think about how to place them. Of course, if you have opted for a cigar cellar rather than a humidor, this will be less of an issue. In this case, the available space is larger and you can organize your cigars much better. Both in their own boxes either open or closed, or in trays as single assorted cigars.

Everything will depend on your personal tastes. It will also be influenced by if you want to age your cigars for longer, or if you are someone who smokes their cigars soon after purchase and therefore they do not spend much time in the humidor, among other considerations…

Here are some keys to keep in mind when storing your cigars:

Mixing cigar brands 

As with in everything in life, there are pros and cons to storing cigars of different brands together in one humidor. The more ‘pure’ experts and fans are reluctant to put cigars from different tobacco companies in a humidor together. Their argument is that keeping them separate ensures that the cigars retain their own distinctive aromas.

This tends to be a prevailing opinion among many enthusiasts who love cigars. However, today there are many tobacco blends in cigars from different countries that make this idea lose some of its credibility. For example, the famous Connecticut wrapper is used all over the world, there is Dominican tobacco in cigars made in Honduras or Mexican tobacco in cigars from Nicaragüa.

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On the contrary, the ones who advocate for this practice of storing multiple brands together assure that by keeping different cigars in the same humidor, they are somehow even more enriched. How does this happen? Well, older cigars give off their aromas and oils, so they will blend perfectly with the younger ones. In addition, those cigars that are drier will be able to take advantage of the humidity within the younger cigars.

How organize the cigars with tubes 

Cigars that come in tubes can be stored with them inside the humidor. It’s important to remember that although they are protection devices that intend to keep the cigar from drying out for a long time, there are times when they are not well sealed. Therefore, there is always a danger that they may dry out. In addition, if you open the seal at any point to look at the cigar, of course the seal is automatically broken and no longer useful for its intended purpose.

Taking this into consideration, it only makes sense to store the cigar with the tube in the humidor if you don’t want the cigar to absorb the aromas of other cigars or the cedar wood from the humidor itself. If not, the sensible thing is to remove it from the tube, since the humidor will keep it in perfect condition. Likewise, they take up less space without the tube, so more cigars will fit in the humidor and they will be less compact.

The same principle applies to the cellophane wrapper from the cigars. It can be left on to isolate some cigars from others, but the most logical thing is to remove them from the cellophane and leave them natural. In this way, the humidity that circulates through the humidor will reach them well and they will remain in perfect condition until the moment comes to smoke them.

Storing cigars in their boxes

Another system you could opt for to maintain order is to store the cigars directly in their boxes within the humidor. This is a good solution for those who do not want the mixture of aromas between different cigars. It also makes it easier for the cigars to be more orderly. We always advise you to use the best humidifiers on the market, to avoid problems in the conservation of your products.

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