CigarSpa Humidifier Instructions

CigarSpa humidifier for small and medium humidors

The CigarSpa Humidifieris made in Germany and is one of the best in the world. We have reached an agreement with a German company SSL Trading to offer and distribute its humidification system in Spain. CigarSpa is one of the most sophisticated automatic humidification systems in the world. It has an adjustable microprocessor and uses its unique membrane. It works with batteries and does not need any type of wiring. It has a three-year warranty and is made in Germany.

Relevant data:

  1. CigarSpa has the most sophisticated cigar humidificationsystem in the world.
  2. A microprocessor controlled humidification unit.
  3. The use of its unique membrane makes the nebulizer system smooth, perfect for cigars.
  4. Use with batteries (lasts more than 2 years).
  5. Distilled water only every 4 to 6 months.
  6. Very easy to operate with just one button.
  7. The humidity level can be adjusted between 55% and 75%.
  8. Show all important information.
  9. Unique feature: the condition of the cigar is displayed.
  10. Made in Germany.
  11. 3 year warranty.
  12. Dimensions: 6 x 6.7 x 17 cm.
  13. Weight: 330 g. without water, 550 g. with water.

Why should you have the humidity at 70%?

Although the humidity in the humidor can vary between levels of 68% and 74%, we use 70% as the ideal figure. The benefits of a humidification system like CigarSpa in the humidor for cigars are:

  • It makes the flavors and aromas of the cigar more enjoyable. It helps the aging of the cigar inside the humidor.
  • Allow the cigar to light evenly.
  • The cigar absorbs the amount of moisture corresponding to 14% of its weight. This means that the cigar does not dry out or have excess moisture that makes it difficult to consume later.

Aside of keeping the humidity controlled with the CigarSpa humidifier, you also need to pay attention to the temperature. It is important for the temperature not to rise above 21/22 degrees or be below 15/16 degrees so that your cigars do not spoil.

In this video, we show you the manufacturing process
of the CIgarSpa humidifier in Germany.

Below you can find the CigarSpa humidifier instruction catalog